Submit Videos and Other Content


Where to Submit

Please send all video and content submissions to me at I encourage making YouTube videos about, but I will work out a way to feature any form of content that you make, whether it be a Twitch stream or a blog post.

Why should you make a video?

I will put your video on the front page of I will also include a subscribe button for your channel above the video. The only chance my game has of surviving is if people make videos about it and help in sharing it. If you like the game, why not make a video?

Other Perks

If you make a video that hits 10,000 views, I will create a special skin in your honor! I will also make sure to get your input and ideas for future updates. I have many ideas already for the future of the game, and your opinion is valuable to me!


Join the Discord if you want to get in touch. As I said before, you should submit any content you make to